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Dream a Little Dream

Hi Bee Hive, I'm taking over the blog today! (If you didn't know it is Kate - I'll pop in once in a while to say hi!) Over February break, I completed the craft challenge with my 9-year-old daughter. If you know me, it was a great accomplishment (I love crafts, but it's hard to find the time!)

I have always loved Dream Catchers and have passed that love on to my kids. Dream Catchers catch your bad dreams, allowing only the good dreams to fill your head while you sleep. Both my kids have them in their rooms, and we have even taken them on vacation (you know, just another thing to pack). When I saw this Dream Catcher craft on Pinterest, I knew this was the craft for the challenge. Hello, Wonderful posted this great tutorial that we were able to follow!

First, the supplies. Very simple: embroidery hoop, yarn (I decided on one that was not a single color), and scrap ribbon (Michael's has this great scrap ribbon that you can buy - to be honest, I've wanted to purchase the scrap ribbon for a while, I was excited I found a reason to buy it!).

My goal with this craft was to make it as kid-friendly as possible. I will say that there are some "adult" hot glue moments, but this project is really kid-friendly and easy to make.

We opened the embroidery hoop to start the catcher, inserted the yarn, and closed up the hoop. From there, Aria wrapped the yarn around the hoop. (Please do not take any notice of the glitter or glue on our table or anything in the background.... just going to say COVID and leave it at that).

Aria spent about 20-30 minutes wrapping the hoop. Once the yarn was wrapped around the hoop, I secured the last piece with hot glue. We did not cut the yarn at this point - as we kept the yarn fully intact, and Aria wrapped the yarn to create the "web." While I am sure the tension would have held the web, I did put dots of glue to secure the yarn. I envisioned that we would loop the ribbon on the hoop (to make it again more kid-friendly), but Aria wanted them placed and glued. Not too much heavy lifting on my part.

At this point, I remembered that I had flowers that could work to hide the clasp on top; while I was looking for flowers, Aria created a horn from the craft paper she had. Once she decided on the horn and flower placement, I glued them onto the Dream Catcher.

I think the finished project is beautiful! I also love that you can make it personal, choose your favorite different colors, you can add feathers and beads, really anything! Aria's is proudly displayed in her room; she is thrilled she made it by herself, and I loved doing the project with her! It was fun sitting with her, chatting, and listening to music. Some good bonding time!

What do you think? Do you think you will try making this Dream Catcher? Would you like to see Dream Catcher kits as add ons to the Slumber Bees? Let us know!

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