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February Break - Challenge

Kate here! (I figure Sasha and I may take turns blogging it up, so it's only fair you know who is behind the keys at any given moment...)

It's February Break..... if you're in the Massachusetts area, we give the kids a much needed "break" during the coldest months of the year. During non-Covid years, that had a very different look. Typically we are running around, dropping the kids at camps, coordinating with grandparents and friends for playdates and sleepovers, tackling the break with an "it takes a village" mentality.

This year, not so much. We are fortunate enough to have built a bubble that we trust, but we are all in the same boat - we can't just drop the kids at one house. And, my parents are in that boomer range (I will not share their ages to the mass public, but saying they are at the start of the boomers is a good hint), so we try to keep them at a safe six feet distance, with a mask on, outside - kind of makes it impossible to have them watch the kids at all, especially since it is freezing outside!

So while we (ok I) are kind of in the cold, winter, Covid, blues, lets commit to at least one (hey there is a lot of things going on) - ONE activity that we will post on the blog for an activity with the kids.

Sasha has found one that I think the hive will enjoy! I solemnly swear to do my best to find ONE activity with the kids that I will do and post about! I will say it may be a failed attempt but I will give it a valiant effort.

PS if you read the about us section, you know that while I enjoy crafts, I am more the process side of this biz .... Sasha wears the creative crown! Just saying this isn't a competition, but if it were, she'd win......

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