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Gettin' Crafty with Confetti!

Hi there Slumber Bees, it's Sasha checking in! Did we all survive February "vacation"? I sure hope so! Given the current climate, it goes without saying that there are not an endless amount of exciting things to do and if you are like me, you are always trying to find fun, out of the ordinary things to do with your kiddos. Needless to say there has been a LOT of sledding happening here. However, like all things, that can lose its appeal...

You may or may not know this about me, but I LOVE crafting. A LOT. I have storage racks filled with all sorts of craft supplies, Cricut maker, jewelry supplies. loom, you name it! Not to mention, Pinterest boards for every possible thing under the sun, just waiting to be created. I love to cook ( oh there will be food blog posts!), come up with kids activities, craft décor, I could go on! But guess what... sometimes I need something basic. Something easy and cute and no frills. Well I found one such adorbs activity that you can do with your kids, or hey, all by yourself if you are so lucky as to score a moment alone.

The best part is, you probably have all this stuff laying around. I found this cute idea on Pinterest (where else?) from a cute site called Aunt Peaches ( Her site shows you how to use hot glue gun and homemade confetti to make confetti hearts and I thought hmm.... I could add a toothpick and make the cutest cake/cupcake topper! Why not?!

I started with tissue paper and gold ribbon I had in my gift bag organizer.

I cut the paper into long strip and then across that to make little squares. Then snipped the ribbon straight off the spool for a little bit of sparkly glam!

Having never made this type of confetti before my squares ended up a bit too big for my taste, but that's ok, just roll with it!

Next, I drew the heart shape I wanted to make on a piece of parchment paper, and traced three layers of glue with my glue gun on the tracing of the heart. I did the third layer in small pieces, sprinkling confetti on as it was super hot. When that layer was done, I waited a minute, flipped it over and repeated the process on the other side. As I mentioned I placed a small toothpick at the base of the heart so I could use my finished product to decorate a cake!

Ladies and gents... this is a two-fold project! I happened to have funfetti mix in my pantry, so the kids and I baked a cake AND some cupcakes, frosted with store bought frosting and voila! TWO projects for you and the wee ones. I happen to think this is adorbs enough to use for a party, or keep the toothpick out and use the confetti shape as part of a gift wrapping, or hang it in a windowsill... the possibilities are endless!

I hope you try this project and experiment! Share your pics with us! We love to hear from you... talk soon Slumber Bees!

xo Sasha

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