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Spring has Sprung!

Happy spring, Slumber Bees! Sasha here, with a springtime blog post that I am so excited to be writing! The weather is finally nice, the patio furniture has come out of storage and we at Slumber Bee Parties are gearing up for some exciting additions, bookings and lots of fun! I decided in honor of the change of seasons I'd put together a little collection of all things fun for this time of year. I spend oodles of time researching and gathering fun crafts, foods, entertaining ideas and tidbits, so I want to share with you in the hive!

Below check out, by category, all sorts of fun ideas to check out to celebrate all things spring! All projects are links.. so click around and decide what you will make!


Do you and your littles like to get outside? We do too! I have collected my favorite ideas for what to do after the nature walk... Here are some fun ways to appreciate nature in all her glory encompassing all ages and abilities!

Spring crafts:

I don't know about you but we are always looking for fun cute new activities in this house. I have collected my faves here for you to try!

Salt sough nests -I LOVE a themed dough tray, and this one is BEYOND cute!

Backpack charms- make your own - I cannot even with the cuteness. Not necessarily spring themed, but OMG. In love!

Magical pom pom wands - All the magical springtime fairy feels

Glitter tube bracelets - ALL THE GLITTER

Raindrop suncatchers -Because even rainy days can be fun!

Butterfly hatching kit - OK so this isn't a craft but my kiddos and I LOVED watching the caterpillars make cocoons and hatch, then set the butterflies free. Weeks of fun and worth every penny!

Felt ball coasters - These are so colorful and fun to make! I made these as part of a birthday gift. Any kiddo old enough to use a glue gun can help out!


Growing up we had a big loud family get together for Seder every year. Cousin Jesse spilled wine, adults yelled over each other to be heard, there was lots of music and lots of love. I'll never forget the plastic bugs my grandmother Holly put all over the place one year as part of the plagues. You don't have to have a big loud family get together to enjoy these Passover crafts, food and fun!

Passover craft collection- Guys.. Legos, origami, Elijahs cup.. its all here and its all fun!!

Edible 10 plagues- Never have the plagues been so cute... or tasty.

Passover printables- Coloring, decor, games.. and all printable!

Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack- Aptly named, this stuff wont last long in your house. Truthfully I was just looking for something that came close to the stuff my aunt Nancy made every single year. YUMMMM

Braised brisket- If you like meat, you NEED to try this, My aunt Shubbs makes the world's best tzimmes. This is fact. I am posting what I hope would even remotely do hers justice. Just add sweet potato (LOTS).

Charoset- If you've never eaten it, you must. I could eat my weight in this concoction of apples, nuts, spices and wine. Seriously, it's ALMOST worth the lack of bread.


It's almost that time... egg hunts and decorating, baskets filled with goodies, bunnies, floppy ears, pastel colors. There's so much to love! I have found lots of cute ways to enjoy the holiday and have shared the projects and food with you :).

Pretty no dye Easter eggs- I fancy myself a fun mom... but I hate mess... so thanks BHG for a list of 35 no dye egg decorating ideas. I am here for it!

Rice shaker Easter Eggs -soooo pretty and NO MESS!

Snacks ALMOST too cute to eat...

PEEP houses- this one is both snack and activity- WIN WIN!

Spring dipped oreos- How to not eat the whole tray?

Easter grazing board- this one is a stunner!

Easter egg fruit pizza- I don't know any kiddo that wouldn't want to help decorate this!

Easter Basket ideas- stumped on how to fill the basket? Here are some ideas!

Dollar store Easter gift ideas- Because who doesn't love a bargain!

I am obsessed with the style of these baskets I found on: They are the inspiration for the baskets I am currently putting together for Ollie and Amelia. I love a dual purpose basket.. these can totes be used for decor and storage post holiday. And look at how pretty! I even found some mini chalk boards at the Target dollar section... win! Once they are fully assembled I'll be sharing with the hive!

Spring Home Décor and Entertaining:

I may not be Joanna Gaines, but I love home décor!! Check out some designs to DIY around your home to make it spring fab!

Lemony tablescape- This may say summer but I'll bust out the lemons early... why not!

Gorg spring tablescapes- the grass and flowers... love

Hello spring sign- welcome spring with the help of Etsy!

Simple and romantic tablescape- love the greenery!

Rainbow Faux flower centerpiece- I used this post as inspiration to make my own.. I unabashedly love rainbows! Here's how it came out...

DIY beaded wreath- we made this beauty during a gals weekend. Highly recommend!! Its super cute and easy to do! Here's mine...

Decorative trays- OK so, for me this is a whole THING. Every season/holiday I swap out the tray items. I LOVE doing it. These are some super cute spring ones!

You are my sunshine tray - Like a ray of sunshine on your counter!

Pour tray- yesss Rae Dunn.

Bees knees tray- Because bees are the BEST.

All the Easter trays- put together a post of alllll the Easter trays. Some are ADORBS.

I hope you enjoy going through the crafts, food and decor and find some ideas that speak to you! It's such a fun season to create some beauty and some memories :)

Next up... keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts coming your way. I have a resin jewelry project with my daughter in the works as well as some really cute and fun themed charcuterie boards (inspiration is our bestie Meghan, queen of decor and entertaining as well as making a stunning charcuterie board!). I'll also be posting and sharing my finished Easter baskets as well as other crafts.

Thanks for reading!! As always we want to hear from you! Send your thoughts and ideas our way!

xo Sasha

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