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Pricing & Delivery 

  • DIY setup: $65 a person + milage fee/ delivery fee $3.00 per mile driven (Min. 4 tents)

  • Slumber Bee Setup: $85 a person +  milage fee/ delivery fee based on miles driven (Min. 4 + Tents for Set up service)

  • All rentals are for 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon

Included in your Rental (items are property of Slumber Bee):

  • Indoor overnight tents (currently offering white or pink Pole Tent style)

  • Chalk board name tags

  • Plush mattress (not airbeds)

  • Sheets & blankets (multiple colors of blankets available; guests bring their sleeping pillow for hygiene reasons)

  • Breakfast trays (color and style at the discretion of Slumber Bee Parties)

  • Lanterns (battery operated)

  • Cushions and accents

  • Decorative garland

  • Fairy lights (battery operated)


Enhance the Slumber Bee (items are for purchase only)

  • Personalized color your own pillowcase*(Theme design on the pillowcase, names, and fabric markers for use)- $15/each 

  • Personalized eye mask - $5/each

  • Special Name Tag for Tent (children can keep; regular package ones are rental only) $7/each

*add ons noted use either permanent fabric markers will stain fabric - please ensure there is a space away from Slumber Bee equipment to do the crafts


The travel/delivery fee is based on miles driven. Note Slumber Bee is only servicing within 20 miles of 01824 zip code (this includes delivery and drop-off based on the mileage from 01824 zip code).  

Ready to book? Click here and fill out our inquiry form! 


Enhance Your Bee Examples

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