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Pricing & Delivery 

  • DIY setup: $65 a person + mileage fee (based on US mileage reimbursement)+ $25 delivery fee  (Min. 4 tents for DIY)

  • Slumber Bee Setup: $85 a person +  milage fee/ delivery fee based on miles driven (Min. 4 + Tents for Set up service)

  • All rentals are for 24 hours unless otherwise agreed upon

Included in your Rental (items are property of Slumber Bee):

  • Indoor overnight tents (currently offering white or pink Pole Tent style)

  • Chalkboard name tags

  • Plush mattress (not airbeds)

  • Sheets & blankets (multiple colors of blankets available; guests bring their sleeping pillow for hygiene reasons)

  • Breakfast trays (color and style at the discretion of Slumber Bee Parties)

  • Lanterns (battery-operated)

  • Cushions and accents

  • Decorative garland

  • Fairy lights (battery-operated)


Enhance the Slumber Bee (items are for purchase only)

  • Personalized color your own pillowcase*(Theme design on the pillowcase, names, and fabric markers for use)- $15/each 

  • Personalized eye mask - $5/each

  • Special Name Tag for Tent (children can keep; regular package ones are rental only) $7/each

*Add-ons noted use either permanent fabric markers will stain fabric - please ensure there is a space away from Slumber Bee equipment to do the crafts


The mileage fee is based on the total miles driven multiplied by the current US mileage reimbursement. Note Slumber Bee is only servicing within 20 miles of 01824 zip code (this includes delivery and drop-off based on the mileage from 01824 zip code).  

Ready to book? Click here and fill out our inquiry form! 


Enhance Your Bee Examples

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