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Ask the Mini Bees: What makes a great sleepover?

We created Slumber Bee Parties with our littles in mind. So, who better to talk with about the perfect slumber party? Some of our favorite little bees! We asked our daughters and some of our friends' daughters what makes for a great party. The answers may surprise you and help you create the perfect night for your little ones.

1. What is the best part of a sleepover?

Cameron: My favorite part of sleepover is getting to spend extra time with my friends! It means I don't have to say goodbye, and they are there when I wake up in the morning – even if it is too early. We get to play from the time we get up.

Aria: The best part of a sleepover is staying up and having fun things to do with friends.

Amelia: The best part is getting to play and interact with my friends, getting to stay up late and watch movies and fun stuff.

Avery: Cool decoration and themes because they are pretty and make the sleepover more special.

2. What kind of snacks are best for a sleepover?

Cameron. For a sleepover, unhealthy snacks are the most fun. I like popcorn and chips. One thing that would be extra fun is an ice cream sundae bar where we get to pick our toppings!

Aria: Junk Food!!! Like popcorn, ice cream, maybe donuts, cupcakes. My favorite is popcorn.

Amelia: My favorite snacks are popcorn for movie watching and a cheese platter filled with cheese crackers and A LOT of fruit.

Avery: Popcorn, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and a big breakfast

3. Do you like structured activities or free play?

Cameron: I like some of both. Well, for structured, the parents help plan fun activities like making bracelets or other things. It gives us ideas of what to do that we might not have had ourselves or had the stuff to do the project if it wasn't the parents' idea. I like free play time too because we get to be a little silly and crazy.

Aria: Both. But I think my favorite is free play; it is a little more fun – like playing a game – we make the game up along the way.

Amelia: I enjoy free time best – talking, dress up, and reading with my friends.

Avery: I like free play because then we get to do what we want.

4. What are the best sleepover games?

Cameron: I like using technology games, but those aren't good for a sleepover. Instead, I like to have dance parties, and one time, we did karaoke, which was so much fun. I love singing loudly with my friends.

Aria: Games like candy land, and treasure hunt, and Pictionary.

Amelia: I love Candyland … because… you know… candy!

Avery: I want to play would you rather, truth or dare, and hide and seek.

5. What is your best sleepover memory?

Cameron: We had a stuffy fight at one sleepover, and it was very funny and silly. They were soft, so no one got hurt, but it was crazy to be throwing around all our stuffed animals. We were laughing so hard one of my friends fell down.

Aria: When me and my friends… well, there are so many good memories. One I love is when we were all staying up late reading and talking to each other.

Amelia: My best memory is when we watched Jessie at Aria's house

Avery: One time, we couldn't sleep, so we moved our mattresses to the middle together to be closer. That felt special.

6. What would make for a perfect night?

Cameron: I don't need much for a perfect night. Just my friends and a fun movie. And maybe a fun way to sleep or a fun theme.

Aria: I think, probably, watching a movie and playing a game with friends.

Amelia: We would do animal trivia questions during dinner, tell jokes and read together. We could play dress up and maybe have some comfy pillows

Avery: A lot of fun stuff like funny movies, funny games, and funny things.

7. If you could have any theme for a slumber bee party, would you create?

Cameron: I love animals. So, a savannah theme with lions, zebras, and giraffes would be so cool. I'd also really like would a ranch or horse barn/farm theme. That would be amazing.

Aria: An Alice and Wonderland theme! There would be big cardboard cards (with bodies), and maybe a purple cat, and a giant keyhole on the wall! I really like the movie and think that it would be really fun!

Amelia: My theme would be candy world with donut pillows, candy squishmallows… things like that.

Avery: I'd want a fidget theme.

There you have it, straight from the experts on what you need to create a perfect sleepover experience for your kids.


Slumber Bee Parties can offer fun themes, great add ons for activities, and a comfy place to sleep; however, we do not guarantee the act of sleeping from any child that partakes in a Slumber Bee sleepover. Disclaimer made due to first-hand experience with these four girls in this interview, very little sleep was had, including Kate (but the memories and laughter helped with the sleeplessness – and strong coffee the next day 😉) .

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